It’s The Dog In You~

(The 3rd piece in our 6th mini series, “The Antagonist!”)

Your love is like a knife to the heart and 
a dagger to my soul. 
You will not be happy until I have lost 
all control
You see me in calm waters after drowning me
in your river of drama
So you continually have me dragged into your
volcanic magma

you are without that which offers warmth
living instead in a constant firestorm
you are without that which stirs calm 
your lifeless soul unable to transform
you have driven the devil from his home
now he prays you will not take his throne

I wish to be left alone you already 
have all I owned
You are a devil child no prayer ever
to return you to meek and mild. 
God blessed the mother that birth
knowing even he choose not to 
change the devil’s point of view about you
Bless you~