Our Shame

Have you ever had one of those days where
you feel like a patient that got cured but died from the shame
Nothing to point a finger at not even placing blame
But you know while things are much better 
you are simply never going to feel the same 
So you show your love and you pretend that it doesn’t matter
and you know it’s a lie and you know it really matters
Cause you feel the hurt and wonder which was worst
The sharpness from the pain or the curse of my shame

And you feel the cruel irony of ending it all 
because it never ends
And for the briefest of moment you feel you could still 
stand tall
While all the time your confidence lies on the floor
barely able to crawl
Temporarily distracted by the soulful melody on the radio
from a time when to be cool was to be mellow
But nothing last for very long
soon the dj is off to another song
Shame comes gushing back in 
like a broken heart about to sin
And the patient feels the pain
of accepting there is simply nothing left to gain
So you take a Tylenol and it vanishes for a while
allowing you to accept the pretense of your own smile 
Yet all the time mentally abusing your own sense of recall 
trying to comprehend why you stand still 
while the room keeps turning
When suddenly it occurs to you, life itself is always
preparing you for your very next fall