My youthful days were never the consequence of love
Physical attraction would be all we ever needed
a simply touch of my hand would bring a physical reaction
as your body would rise to greet the very thought of our connection

My youthful days were never the consequence of love
the very sight of you would stir my lustful ambition
and never a moment spent in search of love’s foundation
Physical stimulation forever be the stage of my flirtation

As the years pushed us beyond the firmness
another test confirmed your body’s distress
The objects of my lust projecting signs of distrust
Love it seems was buried in the unseen
hidden from shallowness, the hollowness, nervousness
brought on by the thought of the real test,
love me for that which your eyes can not see
love me because your mind has found the best in me
love me as if blinded from every lustful fixation
of your physical image of me.

Love me knowing my body is only the vehicle
not the destination of me, and once again
Your lustful attraction will be for the love we share
between you and me.