Please Take Us Back~

Sing for me when you are near and I will come running to your feet
Sing a song of joy for me when your sky is clear and I will overcome defeat
Sing your songs of triumph over adversity and I will cry tears of joy
Sing to your heavenly host whenever the devil raises a glass to toast
And I will greet the Angels sent for removal of all that evil boast

You know we have found our way out of here many times before
and this is no different except you have got to stop adding up the score
Just let your love lead us from the darkened seemingly endless corridors 
We need to celebrate our love, that same love that begins with “to love and adore”
I know we can be in each other’s heart again like we did so faithfully before

So sing for us once more the way you did when your eyes first met mine
Share with me again the story of us never having to say goodbye
Tell me that your heart has room for two and I will be yours evermore 
Let go fatal distractions and set our sails on getting safely back to shore
Take my hand and I will faithfully guide us to the way we were before