The Privileged Life~

On the Heightened Sense of Privilege in Gilmore Girls

“I am privileged not lucky” I am here because I 
was born of the right womb not because of birthright
I am going to be the president of the company 
matters not my scholastic failures or endeavors
I may play with you now, be like you now, seemingly poor like you now
but I was never born like you my destination never to be economy class
Because I was born of the womb in first class
I do not carry your handicap that weigh you down
with the excuse of having to keep you grounded
I was born with the wings of privilege 
Free of handicap having had all your feathers in my cap
With rules that constantly reminds us to ignore the places behind us
and your need to be kind to us
and my mirrors reflect things the way I want them to be 
while yours reflect your cruel reality
It’s my right of passage to crown your champions
but the crowns will always be controlled by me 
It may be my fleeting moment however at this time 
I have no problems that money can not define
Cry as loudly as you can 
your answers come only at my command
I will never ask for permission when
I can demand your forgiveness

And as my body prepares for its ending
Ten more heads anxiously await their beginning
And you forever remain blinded by my glass ceiling