While His Eyes Are On The Sparrow~

Teri yaad aati hai — Shayari Lover

While His eyes are on the Sparrow
 yours have been the keeper of My Secrets; my most precious cargo
 You’ve been my watershed moment when all my thoughts 
 were parched and broken
 And when all others abandoned my hull as rusted 
 and forsaken, you alone kept me from sinking 
 The endless “many times and time again” have never 
 swallowed your patience in me
 And when loneliness enticed me in sleeping forever
 you’ve been my awaken deliverer 
 The many joys lost over troubles which left me powerless
 no matter the time of night or day
 you made me know, you were here to stay
 Those times when my heart was tattered and broken
 yours was always that healing voice once spoken
 And when I thought I had taken so very much for granted 
 you assured me friends never allow deeds to be counted
 When I stop to think of all the miracles you do
 I cannot begin to tell you the joy in knowing you having a heart for two
 And when in my prayers I am overwhelmed with tears 
 yours is the calling I most want to hear
 Wrapped me in your love 
 like your hand in the warmth of my glove 
 And let us rest for an eternity 
 never again to be troubled by life’s small insecurity 
 Swim to me when you are in troubled waters
 I have been saved by your mercy shown over time and time again
 letting me know love alone matters
 Call me worrying not be it night or day
 For you I’ll forever be the last ship anchored in the stormiest of bay
 Come to me in your times of trials and tribulation
 and I will guide you safe passage beyond the many hands of 
 For when we are finally together, nothing shall ever defeat us
 Forsaking all others we shall triumph over shallowness and mistrust 

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