What does a licensed clinical social worker do? Day in the life of Jonathan Levy LCSW

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You want to talk about overlooked heroes in our communities look no further than the clinical social workers, like Jonathan Levy LCSW, grinding it out day after day. These licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) work in hospitals, schools, criminal justice system and many other places. They help to preserve the quality of life for those around them. Most often they are helping those that have seemed to slip through the cracks of society time after time. I think most would agree they do their work without receiving recognition for their efforts, much like teachers.

There are three different types of social work when we reference a person as a social worker. These three are macro social workers, direct services, and clinical social workers. Jonathan Levy is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), so you can probably guess which category he falls under.

Macro social workers are the behind the scenes people who indirectly benefit individuals at the institutional or operate at the policy level. These social workers are the ones fighting for change, upgrades, advancements, improvements, resources, and more support.

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Direct service and clinical social workers are the grunts in the trenches. Social workers like Jonathan Levy LCSW work face-to-face with individuals and families in need. A direct service social worker requires a bachelor’s degree. A licensed clinical social worker like John Levy LCSW requires a master’s degree. If you are interested in more of the differences and how to become an LCSW.

Clinical social work was recently named one of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Healthcare Jobs. Clinical social workers try to operate from a “person-in-environment” point of view. They consider not only their individual client, but also the communities to which they belong. It is a much more holistic view in this regard. LCSW’s look at the entire system and how the client fits into that system and affects it.

The integrated treatment model and increased educational requirement expands the scope of work for clinical social workers:

  • Provide clients with relevant therapy and psychotherapy
  • Assess and diagnose clients with psychological condition
  • Administer interventions and evidence-based treatment
  • Oversee case management

We really hope this article opens one eyes to the thankless work social workers perform on a daily basis. Everyone should have a better idea of what their roles are in the health care system and what differentiates the three different social workers.

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Anthony Davian is a former Cleveland Ohio hedge fund manager who founded Davian Capital Advisors. He is best known as hedgieguy.

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