Hacking the Medical Industry with Motorola and Twilio


Believe it or not most hospitals still use traditional pagers, those beepers from the early 90s. A doctor on overnight call might have to return up to 150 pages over the course of the night to answer questions or make medical decisions, often traveling to different parts of the hospital.

With the real time video capabilities of motoMD, a physician will be able to devote more time to patient care. With a motor vehicle accident victim, for example, the entire trauma team will be able to page, then consult, the staff radiologist in a different part of the building with use of the projector.

As for future features, HIPAA-compliant measures, such as encryption, will be a high priority. We see a broad array of possibilities for this combination of software and hardware. We can even envision providing this Mod at patients bedsides to provide staff services such as physical therapy consultations & translation.

What it does

A video paging system that allows hospital personnel to page one another, then provide and receive consults over real time video. With motoMD, a hospital staff member In team settings where a consultation is necessary, the Moto Mod projector provides real time video conferencing for every member of the team. We foresee many applications for this product, including the following scenarios: A. nurses are able to consult physicians B. physicians are able to consult one another C. physicians are able to assess and triage patient care based on visual feedback from video D. physicians and allied professionals are able to guide and advise inpatients, e.g. with physical therapy E. translation services for foreign-language speaking patients, often conducted over the phone with off-site translators, can become more humanized with video F. Family members waiting during and after a surgery, for example, are able to receive more frequent updates from physicians.

Our vision for the future is to see this mod in the hands of every nurse and physician in every hospital in the country.