Starting from scratch

Image credit: wikimedia commons

You’ve hit rock bottom. You’ve had it. Now you’re finally gonna take control of your life. What does that mean? What do you do? Quit your job and go into the wilderness? Let’s go beyond the traditional crap we see in self development and see how you can realistically put together a plan to live life on your terms.

Quitting your job

The traditional self help guru would tell you that you should quit your job. You should give up any safety net you currently have in order to get what you want. You have to be bold, and go balls deep. I call bullshit on that.

To start a business and truly be fearless, you have to have some sense of security. If you have no safety net at all, your decisions will be reactive instead of proactive, and you will accept deals you would never had accepted under different conditions.

The same is true if you have a business and want to burn it to the ground. If it’s all you have, you should probably keep it first, and work out a sound plan for leaving it gently.

And trust me, if your job is holding you back, and you really want to leave it, it will probably happen eventually. If you lose enthusiasm and your productivity suffers, sooner or later, people will realise you are disposable. There is a time and a place to be bold, and it’s not when you’re just testing the waters of a business.

Starting small

So many people get caught up in the expenses of a business, and don’t realise they can create something that doesn’t cost much and see if it sells. Building an email list would be my first move. You only need an auto responder and a squeeze page for that. Both can be found for free.

When you have an audience, which can take time to build, make sure you interact with it and get to know it. When you have ideas for low-prices, medium priced and higher priced products or services, you can start selling.

Again, this doesn’t have to cost any money and can all be started as a side hustle. You just have to assign a few hours doing that every single day. If you can make a few dollars, you know you have something that a market wants. You just need it to be scalable now.

All of this process can take months of course, which is why I wouldn’t urge anyone to quit their job and go into the wilderness too soon. You don’t have to wait until you make more money with your side hustle either. As soon as you think you make just enough to live on, you can decide to leave because you know you can pull it off if you spend more time on it.

Scaling up

People who make 6 figures online have tried and failed many times. Normally, you should know when you’re ready to scale up. At the start of business, you’re able to trade a lot of time for money, but as your grow, your time gets more precious. That’s the only thing you need to know to scale up.

Let’s suppose you provide a service and the highest level of service is a direct access to you. When you start and have no reputation, you won’t be able to price yourself very high of course. You should never be too cheap though, but it’s OK to start smaller.

What increases your net worth is building up layers of service that don’t require a lot of your presence, but can deliver some results to your clients. The thing you can price the lowest is an ebook. Then you can have a membership model. And at the top, you have interacting with you.

The more of an audience you build, the more exceptional it will feel for people to interact with you personally. That’s how some coaches charge $500 for a 30-minute call with them. Yes, it’s time for money, but you have other income streams that cover you up the line.


The hardest thing when we start is to detach from the money earned. You are gonna need to reinvest that money. There is no way around it. Now of course, you should be smart about this. Only invest in what can allow you to scale up your business, or free up some time. The rest is superfluous.

You will get bombarded by messages selling you software X and software Y. You will need to ignore most of them. That’s the beauty when you started small. You know you can do without these things.

However, the sooner you can invest in mentors, coaches, or smart softwares, the better. Anything that can free up some time will show you why it’s so great to have a lifestyle business.

The key when you start is to manage your expectations. Dream big, by all means, but be detached from the outcomes of the actions you take. If not, you will take fewer and fewer. Your business will live on the actions you take. Make sure you take massive but smart actions. Be patient and you will eventually make it, but not overnight.

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