What to do when you have no time…

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There are only 24 hours in a day. Nothing can change that. And your ability to be present is only limited to 16–18 hours in those days. However, what you do with your awake time pretty much determines your outcomes, whatever they are. You probably know the old time management strategies of spending more time scheduling than actually doing something useful.. Here is how you can make sure your time is dedicated to having it all…

Think beyond business goals

Having business goals is essential. However, here is what happens when we set only business goals. The rest stands still, or deteriorates. Because money can allow you to have more, but not if you don’t have the time to spend it or enjoy it.

In order to have it all, a great marriage, a great business, and a life full of adventures and fun, goals must be set everywhere. If you’re worried about stretching yourself thin, you have to increase your capacity, which we’re gonna come back to soon enough.

When you set a business goal, you should have a goal or a milestone to set in your marriage or even your golf handicap. If one area of your life grows at the expense of others, you go out of balance, and the cycle of misery occurs. You’re miserable because you’re working all the time. There aren’t enough hours during the day, and all that victim mentality you start applying.

Increasing your capacity

Give 20 nails to hammer to 10 people and you’ll notice some of them finish when others are only halfway. Some will aim wrong. Others won’t hit the nail hard enough. The bottom line is that the most efficient guy is generally able to add time to his day.

Remember all the times when you had big projects to cover and you were tired. Somehow you would dread the very idea of working on that project, even if the return on investment was there.

That’s also what happens when you focus on getting busy before increasing your capacity to work. Imagine what would happen if you could hit the hammer on the head every single time with your best impact. Deadlines would suddenly not be as dreadful as before, would they?

This is why you have to think of yourself first. Prioritise your personal growth, your energy levels, your sexual life (particularly essential) and your health before everything else. If you constantly run on an empty tank, I’m afraid you’re always gonna find yourself chasing time.

The power of intervals

In life as in sports, intervals beat everything else. The logic behind intervals is that you slow down before you can speed up. Rest is just as important as work in intervals because the intensity that you pout out in the interval is determined by how well you’re rested.

In sports, interval training has helped athletes increase power dramatically. In business, intervals can allow you to make more time by increasing your capacity before you go out and hustle.

Meditation, journalling and other mindset work allow you to work with the most productive state of mind possible. This is how you avoid distractions and any obstacle that comes in the way of time management. If you think about it, time management is a bit of a joke because you have to rely on willpower.

Anything that requires willpower will generally not hold for long because it is in very limited supply. If you don’t want to have to rely on willpower, work on your vision and your environment every day. That habit will help you be in the best state of mind imaginable to fulfill your mission.

Discipline is freedom. If you build a discipline around growing the aspects of your life that really matter to you, you will find yourself with way more time than before. Suddenly you won’t spend time on details that don’t matter to you. This is probably the best form of time management. Make sure the way you spend your time reflects your deepest value and is aligned with your mission in the world.

And if you want to increase your capacity so you can do more in less time, and have mountains of energy doing so, follow the link below: