You’re at risk if you don’t have haters…

Pleasing everybody is a great way to fail. People are different, and they have different opinions. They also have different needs, and you can’t just serve everybody. Having haters is never funny, but here is why it’s a necessary business step.

You’re touching more lives

MJ De Marco rethought the Law Of Attraction and turned it into the Law of Affection. While the former hasn’t been proven yet, the latter never fails. The Law of Affection states that your income is directly related to the number of lives you can touch, or how much you affect each life you touch.

Since no one could argue that this law works, having haters is a sign that you are touching more and more lives. It’s easy to be liked by a circle of 10 people, but when you expand to 1000, you’re bound to have people who disagree with you.

Having haters also means that you’re going a bit deeper with your tribe. Sure, everybody will be liked if they’re against cancer, aids or poverty. I can post #healfast on Facebook any day and get people to blow my trumpet, but what difference would that make? Going deeper means you have thought about solutions to problems and are ready to be wrong about something.

You’re deeply resonating with a certain part of your audience

When you have people who hate what you do, you can be sure there are also people who love it. And of course, that’s who matters. You don’t have to be right or wrong to succeed. The only thing you don’t want to be is boring.

The perfect way to be boring is generally to only state universal truths like “the sky is blue,” or “it’s good to hear the birds singing.” Nobody really resonated with that stuff. People will engage with what triggers them. That’s why you actually want to have haters.

Having haters also means your solutions are specifically tailored to a certain category of people, making you uniquely desirable in that market space. Again, if you cater to everybody, you end up getting no one. Your audience gets bored and moves on to the next thing.

You are omnipresent

Annoying people, having haters means you have presence in the market place. People almost never buy from the first contact anyway. You have to spread your message over and over again in order to make some sales and have a profitable business. The best way to do that is by being omnipresent.

Whenever I email daily, I get people who unsubscribe because they think I email too much. If I email less often, however, they buy from my competition. To make a sale, you have to be in front of the right person, at the right place, and at the right time. You’ll always maximise your chances of these three things happening if you’re more present.

If nobody is annoyed with you. If your words piss off no one, it generally means you’re either not polarizing your audience enough, or you’re not getting in front of enough people. In both cases, your business is in danger.

Having haters is a necessary part of your business if you want to have a powerful impact. I would say treat them nicely. Some of them may turn into buyers because there is a fine line between love and hate. However, know this: you never get attacked by someone who’s more successful than you…

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