7 Hot Habits of America’s Most Powerful Power Couples

Love has caused a LOT of bad financial decisions, and it’s time to stop acting out of love and time to scale your most productive habits for a greater Relationship Return on Investment (ROI).

I’m a successful professional. I wear killer casual button-ups and I eat heirloom tomatoes every day. Let’s just say I’ve acquired more than my share of the pie, so I think it’s time that I let the secret out of how I created the most efficient relationship in the nation.

Before I do, I think it’s important to understand that I didn’t marry a woman that I just ‘love’. I invested in an aggressive stream of income. Yes. My wife’s Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) matches my own, and allows us to take a more aggressive approach to investing, and it pays off. All I have to do is align our emotional compromises with our collective profit margins.

Together we initiated an increase of 12.35% in Feb., 15.67% in March, 26.49% in April and we’re forecasting a 48+% spike in May. How did we do this? Just like any other business, we increased our MRR and decreased our Emotional Overhead (EO).

Take my advice and you’ll know what it’s like to “work from home” (WFH):

Or work from our 2nd home (WF2h):

(Full disclosure: We don’t always like to live in the same house ;).)

Here are the 7 most impactful habits of a successful power couple:

1. If you can’t afford a 2nd home, and you are living together every day, and you absolutely have to fight for something out of “principle”, or to “communicate”, then you HAVE to remember to check the stock market on your phone during the quarrel. It never fails to bite you in the ass when your back is turned. Plus, later when you are apologizing, you can blame it on Lockheed Martin.

2. Kiss your partner in their sleep, very quickly, to avoid any accumulating hanky-panky. Fooling around wastes hours and hours, when you can just as easily relieve yourself quickly and efficiently in the shower (which is immeasurably more sanitary than any where else in the house).

3. If you absolutely have to sleep together and make love, then make sure you set an alarm for 3 minutes max before the act begins. I recommend the Law And Order theme song as the alarm tone because it will remind you of Law and Order and the fact that someone out there is getting to the bottom of something that you are not. I’m not talking about insider info….;) Maybe I am.

4. Feed each other salmon in public at brunch. This one may seem indirect, but it’s crucial to the social foundation of your marriage. Others will look at you and say “they are wealthy, they are healthy and they make love a lot.” You’ll be a magnetic social target. Ever hear the phrase, ‘you are what you eat’? YOU’LL TURN INTO SALMON!! Haha, just kidding, just a little salmon humor.

5. Create an actionable line chart for your emotional compromises. DO THIS TOGETHER. It insures that you’re both investing equal parts. Take time to update this every morning when you get up for sunrise jogging.

6. Wear your jogging gear to bed at night, and when you’re checking your Emotional Sacrifice Equities (ESE), start jogging in place and checking your pulse, cause remember, ‘you can ALWAYS be burning Calories’ (YCABBC). Bonus tip: Jog in the shower as well, because YCABBC.

7. Buy a stick shift convertible that no one knows about. It’ll be your dirty little secret. Every time you feel lonely or wronged take it for a dangerous ride through winding mountain hills. Feel the wind in your hair and scream as loud as you can without yielding to other cars or pedestrians. You’ll be just fine.