We Don’t Need a Renaissance to be Creators

We don’t need a renaissance to be creators, but new and emerging platforms really help. I’m inspired by the creators that are pioneering YouTube as a new medium to build perspective and connect with others. Casey Neistat is one of the first and his message says it all in the below quote from his recent (super inspiring) commercial during the 2017 Academy Awards.

“Because in this new world, no one knows anything… so keep creating… keep doing the work”.

Neistat brought YouTube to the forefront of a younger demographic that use the platform to expand their passions using cell phones, ‘duck tape’, and creativity. An entire generation is now empowered to create and develop unique perspectives to share with their friends and the world.

Enter Gary Vaynerchuck (GaryVee) who burst onto the scene in 2006 with his first episode of Wine Library TV — one of the first attempts at using YouTube as a sales platform from his poorly lit “war bunker” in the back of his New Jersey wine shop. Over ten years later, GaryVee has revolutionized the use of video content for personal branding, B2B, and B2C digital marketing. Gary’s perspective on the future of social media and YouTube is prophetic: the mobile phone is the new TV and YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are the new CBS, NBC, and ABC.

These two creators meet at a very interesting inflection point in the history of digital content and storytelling. Neistat and Vaynerchuck both live and die by the philosophy of documenting the journey.

I share Gary and Casey’s common belief that, while most people are focussed on the finished product, the attention is going by way of the journey and how we get there.

We don’t need a renaissance to be creators, but we are going through a tremendous shift in culture by the way we tell stories and sell products. There is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage (still) infant platforms like YouTube to not only create, but uniquely illustrate our value proposition and share the journey of building a business with so many who are interested.

I founded Thoughtium to push myself and my clients to think differently about the way we design experiences and stretch our business strategy into the whitespace. Check out the Thoughtium YouTube channel, where creativity is the focus… and sharing the journey is the mission.

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