PR Specialist Anthony Galanda Explains How Companies Can Benefit from Public Relations

A professional Public Relations campaign is a highly effective means to showcase the positive aspects of your person or business. Employing the right PR strategies can also enhance credibility by helping to establish a set of industry standards.

Anthony Galanda is a Public Relations Specialist from New York and has worked in various roles pertaining to the PR landscape. Having grown up in New York, he is well versed in effective communication with diverse populations and understands the growing need for PR in today’s digital world. He takes the time to outline the various advantages of professional PR services.

What is Public Relations?

Public relations professionals work to shape an individual or organization’s image, helping to manage the release of information, and mitigate the effect of negative publicity. Through effective communication, they are the medium between the public and the organization they represent.

Anthony Galanda explains that businesses and individuals are increasingly utilizing PR personnel as a marketing technique, helping to build a solid foundation from the ground up. While most marketing is now done online, PR professionals cover a wide range of responsibilities which include: analyzing and interpreting public opinions, developing strategies to increase brand recognition, creating web content (such as websites, blogs, social media posts), and working as a liaison between the company and the press.

Public relations specialists also help to proactively prepare for a crisis, and in the event of negative press, work diligently to regain customer trust.

Digital PR

An essential aspect of online marketing is maintaining a positive web presence. Anthony claims that this is achieved by posting to social media platforms, putting out relevant and newsworthy content, and continuously monitoring the internet for consumer trends.

Almost all businesses have a Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter account and PR helps provide content and advertisements on each. Through these platforms, companies are now more accessible to both their customers and the public, providing important updates on promotions, new product launches, and campaigns.

PR representatives also help look out for possible collaborations, such as through YouTube channels, and online influencers says Anthony Galanda, helping a business spread their message to their target audience.

Business Values

PR constructs the vision of what a business is in the eyes of the public, helping portray their core values and beliefs. Through their online presence, the public can view how they operate, and what their business model is, says Anthony Galanda. Customers take note of these aspects and can then make an educated decision on whether or not to do business with them.

Additionally, while individuals are free to speak their minds, sometimes false statements or claims can paint businesses in a negative light. PR works hard to rectify these types of situations, working with the customer to see what can be changed and/or provided to help increase their trust and patronage with the business. For larger-scale crisis’, PR can help run campaigns to increase brand awareness, helping positively portray a business.

Crisis Management

In the past few weeks, the U.S. has gone into lock down due to COVID-19. This pandemic has proven to effectively devastate the global economy, and many businesses are feeling its effects. It is during a time like this that PR is stepping up and showing the public exactly what the organizations they represent truly stand for.

Restaurants, manufacturers, and small businesses alike are all banding together to provide whatever they can to the public. A stark contrast is being seen from pure-profit marketing just a few weeks ago, to companies running television ads standing in solidarity with healthcare workers and urging people to stay home to avoid spreading COVID-19. Businesses are offering their products and services at a reduced cost, or free of charge to those in need, while industries are deferring payments, or helping provide payment relief.

PR is playing a significant role in providing the public with the information and support they need from their businesses. In the coming months, consumers will be more prone to support the businesses that stood up and helped during this pandemic.

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