Don’t live for the weekends!

How often do you have the Monday Blue’s?

Do you breathe a little easier when you realise it’s ‘Hump Day’?
I can almost guarantee you have said “Thank God It’s Friday” at least once.

Are you finding that you are always hanging out for the weekend? If so, in the words of Gary Vaynerchuk himself, “Your shit is broken!”.

But what does he mean by that?

If all you do is hang out for the weekend or holidays to arrive then he is saying that you are spending the majority of your time doing something that you SHOULDN’T be doing. You either don’t love what your doing, its of no interest to you or your overworked to the point you are burnt out and need that Saturday morning sleep in just to stay alive?

I believe that everyone should have the chance to DO THEIR THING.

Whatever that might be and whichever way it works, you should be spending your time doing something that you want to do and that makes you happy to be alive!

It really bugs me, the amount of young people that waste their precious time complaining their way through the work week, hanging out for the weekend, to then spend it out smashing down alcohol and drugs, only to repeat the process the next week.

We all get to live each day once. Only once. I know that I sure as hell don’t want to spend four, five or six days a week hating on life and wanting every weekend to hurry up! Talk about wishing your life away. Literally.

If you are in this situation you might be thinking ‘sure that’s easy said’. Let me make it practical for you.

Both the internet and 21st century technology provides so much opportunity, you just have to make use of it!

Still don’t thing its possible for you? I urge you to think again.

Perhaps you could start something on the side, a hobby, something you enjoy, something that involves DOING YOUR THING? If you want to make it to the weekend more quickly then improve your week so that it doesn’t drag and you will be getting so much more out of life and yourself in the meantime. Get online and sell something, letterbox drop for a service that you have the skills to provide, work on finding a solution to a problem in an area that your passionate about.

There are so many people out in the world right now who are the same age as you and are happy and loving life because one day that grabbed their laptop or iPhone and started DOING THEIR THING.

This doesn’t mean that you have to become an ‘entrepreneur’ or create a multi-million dollar business. I am simply asking that you take what makes you happy, stop complaining about how crap your current job is and use your talents, skills and brains to create a Monday to Friday that you are happy with.

Dream big, take a risk and go DO YOUR THING!

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