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Originally published Oct 2013

I’ve been learning more about cyber security and how easy it is to hijack people’s connections to the Internet. So I have decided to set up a VPN for use on my desktop, laptop, and cell phone. I am sure many people feel the need recently to get one after the outing of the NSA surveillance program. My thoughts on the NSA program is that I am not doing anything to spark their interest so shouldn’t be worried about them seeing my dick pix… besides I am certain they could get around any security methods I am capable of setting up anyways… so what’s the point. What I am actually concerned about is individuals or groups with criminal intent hijacking my connection and stealing sensitive information.

After much research I have decided to go with:

The few reasons I have decided to go with them as my VPN provider, they have really good reviews, support my iPhone, good connection speeds, have exit points all over the world, and good technical support.

Installation was straightforward and one of my biggest concerns were it slowing down my connection but seems as fast as before so I am happy. The added bonus is I can watch Al Jazeera English in the States and can also watch Hulu while abroad.

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