When Antonio invites his celebrity crush to the Air Force Ball, he finds himself in a dilemma between his dream woman and his best friend.

Face the Music - Chapter One

Antonio was rushing to leave his house. He picked up an envelope, folded a piece of paper, and slipped it in. He tucked the envelope into his breast pocket and ran out the door.

“I’m on my way,” he said on the phone as he got in the back seat of an Uber. The car pulled up to a dimly lit bar.

“Thanks!” Antonio yelled as he jumped out of the car and ran into the bar.

“We’ll look who it is,” said Alex.

“Yeah, we thought you’d never get here,” said Derek. “You’re such a diva,” he laughed.

“Where’s Diana?” Antonio asked.

He looked up to see her walking toward the table. Diana was wearing a tight blue dress and looked beautiful.

“Wow,” said Antonio.

“What?” asked Diana. “A girl can’t get dressed up?”

“No,” Anthony replied, still a little shocked. “You look amazing. I’m used to seeing you in your uniform or pajamas.”

“Thanks,” she replied, sarcastically, but a little flattered. “Don’t you have anything else to say?” She smiled and sipped her drink.

“Oh! Yes…” he said while searching his pockets. “Happy birthday, Diana.” He said while handing her a box that looked like it could have a piece of jewelry in it.

“Tony!” She said excitedly.

She opened the box. Inside were tickets for a cruise to Jamaica.

“Tony… this is insane.”

“I know you have wanted to go for a while, so I thought I’d surprise you. I got one for you and whoever you’d like to take with you. All expenses paid.”

“Are you sure?” She asked. “This is too much.”

“Dee, you’re my best friend. It makes me happy to know that you like your gift. I put a lot of thought into it.”

Alex interrupted, “way to make us look bad, Antonio.”

“Yeah,” Derek said jokingly, “where’s my dream vacation?”

Antonio rolled his eyes and smiled. “Diana, you deserve this. I can’t ever thank you enough for being so good to me.”

“Tony, then you have to come with me. Who else would I take?” She said with excitement.

“I’ll admit, I was half hoping you’d say that.”

Diana kissed him on the cheek to thank him.

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