The Highgate Vampire

As usual, Mr. Patrick Sean Manchester is distorting the truth. Anyone can verify that Jacqueline Cooper is Lusia — because Mr. Manchester left a paper trail to her.

Her privacy has not been violated. For starters, Lusia’s true identity was published more than 30 years ago in City Limits Magazine’s January 17–23, 1986 issue.

Far from a scheme hatched by Manchester’s mortal nemesis, David Farrant, Lusia’s identity can be ascertained by cross-referencing contemporary claims Mr. Manchester made about her in his published narratives (1973, 1975, 1985, 1991) with contemporary newspaper coverage (e.g. North London Press, January 29, 1971).

Mr. Manchester’s claim to violations of her privacy is undermined by the fact that he has featured her photos in various public media, including magazine articles, newspaper articles, books and his online writings. It is only when the impossibility of his claims about her come to light, that he cries “Foul!”

No surprises from a man who has spent the last forty odds years trying to deceive people.

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