Thoughts on Independence

Independence Hall

Two hundred thirty-nine years ago, fifty-six men signed a document that proposed a new way for the people of the American colonies. On that humid July day in Philadelphia, a new era was ushered in through the principles of liberty, self-government, and the creative power of the individual. That being said, our way of life is hardly normal.

Freedom is a rare thing. Historically, kings or dictators have ruled nations, and power was passed via the bloodline or the tip of a sword — but that was before fifty-six men met in Philadelphia in the summer of 1776. To paraphrase Apple’s iconic 1997 commercial, “Here’s to the Crazy Ones”, these men were crazy enough to think they could change the world. Their venture was more successful than they would ever know. Through pioneers such as Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, and Steve Jobs, the United States pushed the world forward in a fashion that has never been seen before.

Freedom is also fragile. In order for freedom to be passed on to the next generation — an informed citizenry must protect it. Educate yourself about what made this country great, and then tell a friend. Maybe two. More importantly, choose citizenship over apathy. By doing so, we will continue to honor the fifty-six men that signed their names to a piece of parchment more than two centuries ago. From Philadelphia, Happy Independence Day.

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