If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

lmfaooo. this is the most immature rant i’ve ever read in my entire life. you’re just as blind and bigoted as any Trump supporter, you can’t handle the fact that some people have disagreements with you, you also do not have your facts down like:

Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders are both lifetime supporters of LGBT rights, Hillary only started “supporting” LGBT rights as little as 3 years ago. and before this? it’s not like she was neutral, I grew up in New York while Hillary was our senator. She actively TRIED TO STOP gay marriage from becoming legal.

Hillary Clinton has taken donations from Energy Transfer Crude Oil LLC, the parent company of the Dakota Access Pipeline, while both Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein where actively trying to stop this horrible construction project which can poison drinking water to 17 million people including Native American tribes from happening

Hillary Clinton is quite possibly the most pro-war candidate of this entire election season. She voted for the war in Iraq, she was Secretary of State when we invaded Libya, Syria, and Egypt. She’s pro-drone strikes which kills innocent children overseas everyday.

As far as immigration policies, Hillary voted for a Border Wall on the US-Mexico border as Senator of New York… sound familiar? Trump honestly gets alot of his ideas from Madam Secretary. Also we’ve gotten more immigrants deported through Obama than we have through Bush… it’s time to not just say no to the wall, but provide an easier path to citizenship for immigrants, and provide them with FREE language courses

You are so blinded by identity politics, that you think you’re doing a good thing by stopping one evil and electing another. you’re extremely white privileged and don’t even realize that hypocrisy in this entire article. Also if Bernie is so “unelectable” how come in polls he beat Trump by 20 points, Hillary is so neck and neck with him that the outcome of this election now is unpredictable. There is proof that the DNC colluded with the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign to sabotage Bernie Sanders, the entire primary is rigged. The Hillary supporters are the ones so unafraid of a Trump presidency, they’d rather risk a Trump presidency by nominating a candidate who polls poorly against him than nominate Bernie Sanders because they’re more afraid of a true progressive. With Bernie Sanders in office, the disastrous TPP would not pass, Citizens United would be overturned, healthcare would be provided as a right to all citizens, and major multi-billion pharmaceutical corporations that donate to Hillary’s campaign would lose business, the business of exploiting people’s health and often even lives for profit. Don’t get me wong, I’m afraid of Trump too, if i wasn’t, why wouldn’t I be voting for him instead of Jill? I’m afraid of Trump as well as Hillary, which is why i’ll be voting for Jill Stein. Have a nice day

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