5 Tips for Conducting CATI Survey Prolifically

CATI research companies

Surveys conducted by CATI research companies involve contacting the candidate for interview via phone and asking specific questions which are based on the telephone survey script in general. The answers conferred by candidate are recorded. On the basis of this recording, the organization takes further steps. Here are few steps that are involved in the process:

1. Introduction to the candidate in a professional and polite manner

The first step contributes to being the introduction of the survey to the candidates. It is a prerequisite to confer introduction of the CATI research companies for which the survey is conducted and yourself. You should also impart description about the topic concisely and the geographical area where the survey will be organized. It is necessary to seek permission before starting. In case if a candidate asks for the name of the leading investigator, you can also provide the same.

2. Convincing them in order to respond

This is recognized to be one of the most tactical steps which is involved in CATI or computer-assisted telephone interviewing. People with a real busy life style may feel annoyed as they are being called for this survey purposes. There are higher chances that there will be complete refusal for the survey intitally. Here, your skills are paramount for convincing the candidate.

The candidates who are conducting telephone research should be trained in a perfect manner and accomplished tactically for the conversion of refusals into successful surveys. You can do so by making the candidates understand that their opinion is of high value and it is a way of being involved in something noble. However, you should not make an attempt of more than two times for the conversion of a refusal into positive.

3. Try grabbing maximum data by reading crearly

Reading questions word to word from the script definitely is helpful. It is possible to prevent skewing and unreasonable answers by being precise. This is imperative to ensure that the survey conducted by CATI Research Companies is beneficial for the business. Once you feel that the candidate has become indulged in the conversation, try getting as much information as possible from him and by this, it is possible to get more data for studying.

4. Entering the responses in a categoric way

You will be procuring a wide number of responses. Entering them categorically and real time will help in easing the process. Addition of more information to the database and reworking on the questionnaire design if required would be beneficial. Try getting all deomgraphic details which include gender, age, religious affiliation, ethnicity as it aids in attaining more accuracy in the coding of data.

5. Upholding quality work ethics

It is a must to keep the work standard upkeep always while conducting CATI survey. This is of higher relevance for ensuring that the survey conducted by CATI research companies is beneficial and trustworthy for the objectives of the business. It is necessary for the demonstration of high level of professional ethics in every point of intersection you are encountering with the candidate along with other researchers.

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