How Candid Photography Changed Wedding Scenes

Candid Photography

Laughter, fashion flaunting, photoshoots, and lots of candid moments with loved ones — everything one yearns to witness at a wedding. Most of us might remember the simplicity of weddings in the past, where the only instances of doing something out of the blue were wearing something outrageous or having a DJ during the receptions. Weddings have certainly come a long way from being boring occasion that people attended to have their fill of the buffet spreads.

With newer trends taking over the wedding scenes, it is not hard to see why most people are going out of the way to set up candid photoshoots at wedding venues. These photoshoots have become quite the rage at almost every wedding these days, raising the demand for candid photography in Mumbai.

One of the major reasons for candid taking precedence over the conventional form of photography is the genuineness of everything that takes place within the photo. A series of candid photos put together unfolds a story through pictures that makes the experience all the more special. Capturing special moments within a frame is hardly any use if the people within the frame have to act out feelings rather than focusing on enjoying the event.

In many ways, this type of photography has gained favour among a wide range of people who believe that capturing the essence of something is done best in a natural environment. This is exactly the case with people. One can hardly expect people to do things and actions that they would usually do when they know they are being photographed. Candid photography eliminates the awkwardness that comes with photoshoots, especially for those introverts who would rather stay behind the lens than in front of one.

Photography is also about capturing memories to revisit them in the future. Rather than witnessing a crowd of people standing in attention while smiling cumbersome at the camera, you can actually see people enjoying and having a fun time at your wedding in your wedding photographs with candid photography into the picture.