These 9 simple (and free) productivity hacks will transform your results

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Whether you work from home or an office, many find it a struggle to focus, be productive, and finish all their tasks.

Since becoming self-employed in 2013, I’ve built a successful business, launched numerous side hustles, completed many large projects for several clients at once, and worked far fewer than 40 hours a week while traveling the world and relocating to dozens of cities.

But my secret isn’t earplugs, coffee, “more self-discipline,” or a magical time-management app. (In fact, I don’t use one single productivity tool at all.)

In this article, I’ll show you the exact, highly potent strategies that helped me skyrocket my productivity and get awesome results without relying on willpower. …


Anthony J. Yeung

Seen in Esquire & GQ. Entrepreneur. Full-time traveler. Get my best lessons, interviews, and “5 Powerful Hacks To Upgrade Your Life” at

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