A habit careerist should crave for success

Building up a successful career today is a great challenge. Open communications, global markets, fast pacing changes.

We live in a demanding surrounding.

Decades ago we could be best in our town, in local league, across our social network. Now we are benchmarked against top in the world. Our competencies are getting obsolete hardly not before we master them. External requirements change quicker than we are ready to follow.

Moreover the efficiency challenge becomes more and more actual. Companies need to remain competitive not only to thrive but to survive.

We have a bunch of options what to do but getting more and more embarrassed by the abundance of choices.

Don’t expect me disclosing the universal remedy. The everyday work and lifetime learning are obligatory in any case if you strive for successful career.

But I would like to draw your attention to something different. Western culture makes us act more and more individualistic when it comes to personal success, money, career. And it makes us weak!

We are always part of the certain social world. Our world. Where we play certain roles. The first thing to realize is that we should treat our world like our customer. Serve it and make it thrive.

Our success is limited by the boundaries of our world. Thus if you want to succeed…

Make your world bigger!

Every single day, with your every step.

Be proactive expanding your boundaries.

In the end either you are dealing with the world or it will cover its needs without you. It is you choice.