The Big Bang (Control) Theory

The United States of America. Land of the free, home of the brave… as well as the home to the 2nd highest percentage of gun-related homicides per 100,00 people, in the world. Now if you ask yourself why America has such a high rate compared to most other countries in the world, you could answer that question with multiple responses — maybe a majority is in result of gang violence, or perhaps foreign countries have stricter laws towards gun use — or possibly the police could play a role in this rise of homeland killings; however, no matter how you slice it, the same question always seems to present itself as a result of these homicides: how sound are gun control laws?

If you own a TV at home, you’re aware that every time a new mass murder case appears on the news, we all hear for the next few weeks about how our government is “working towards this, or trying to change that” but yet, the rates are still to high to be acceptable. So I ponder, how long will it take to change things? What more needs to be done? Who is fighting and what are they fighting for? This what I intend to dive into throughout my next couple months; researching, reviewing, and reading my way into the debate over not only gun control laws and legislation, but also the strict guidelines and barriers of our conventional 2nd amendment. Not to mention forming open opinions on this controversial subject in today’s society along the way.

The significance of my topic is no small feat. Gun violence is a massive topic matter within our society and political atmosphere, with arguments ranging from total gun control policies, to almost little-to-no government involvement regarding personal carry. In addition, millions of people around the country have a variety of opinions on this subject, regarding the argument to be noticed on a grand scale and creating a countrywide audience and recently, it’s been drawing the spotlight even more. As the year 2016 rolls on, I believe that many people are becoming more aware of the absurdly high homicide rate and are finally starting to gather and protest current gun laws.

Recently, one NBA all-star seems to be growing tired of gun violence, and has used his celebrity platform to voice his views on the topic. Chicago Bulls player, Dwayne Wade, has made statements towards his team’s city, whose “90 homicides in August match the city’s most in any month since August 1996.” (The Associated Press, New York Times) Wade states “my purpose at the end of the day is… be the voice that can help bring people together.” as well as “There’s other cities that have way tougher gun laws. We have weak gun laws.” (New York Times) Celebrities like Dwayne Wade, who take action towards issues like these, seem to compel society to do the same on a certain level and begin to take a new route towards change, leading to a larger impact.

My views on the topic of gun control are not nearly set in stone. My mind continues to be opened towards new arguments on this subject quite often, so I can’t make too many of my own conclusions towards the subject yet. However, I fully stand behind the overall good of the people, so if a stricter control over gun laws creates a more peaceful and welcoming environment, then count me in. On the other hand, arguments such as personal self defense and caution play a major role in the decision to create hard guidelines towards guns, in result, keeping me from leaning too far to one side of the discussion for now, and ultimately causing the debate to heat up over plenty of discussion. At this point, my eyes, ears and mind are as open as can be, ready to analyze any argument, reference notable sources and create my own theories that pertain to my subject, as I prepare to dive head first into gun control in America.

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