During the course of a recent work conversation, a Mexican coworker and myself had a conversation centered around what poor people of color valued and why we are seemingly always out of the loop.

So much of our time is spent nickeling and diming on absolutely everything causing us to…

Sometimes, you get a visual of something and it won’t let you be.

Two weeks ago, I watched a wonderful film, <em>The Leisure Seeker</em> that deals with long term commitment, memory loss and growing older.

There are so many things that no one bothers to mention regarding the aging process.

We should stop allowing the media and pop culture to raise our children and teach them anything other than how to entertain.

Everyday, I am bombarded with images and lingo that teach our children nothing.

While it is not the responsibility of creatives and artists to censor and limit their…

So many young people and those who did not witness black folks being water housed and attacked by bigots and their dogs mistakenly assume that racism and its many incarnations and offshoots are a thing of the past.

Our collective ignorance is so great that it is just astounding.


As an adult who is passionate about children and how they learn,grow and succeed, my desire to ingest material that explains the discrepancies in education and how to effectively eliminate them is a major obsession.

We don’t know how to ensure that our young people are successful and yet we…

Twenty five years ago this Fall, I had a spiritual breakthrough/mental breakdown.

Twenty five years ago, I left another disastrous and doomed from the start relationship.

My second one in less than a year.

What made this one different is that two wonderful women entered and changed my life (Vievee…

Most of what Hollywood creates and peddles as black love and revolution simply doesn’t cut it.

Over the years, we have seen several attempts to entertain and pimp us by recycling black images that don’t uplift or change us in any effective way.

However, we now have a new voice…

Building a love army is not complete without the final step (letting go of relationships that you’ve outgrown).

When creating a love army, it is imperative that we are brutally honest with ourselves. …

When you spend a great deal of time on the net, it is fascinating and somewhat sobering to realize that there is another individual at another computer reading your diatribes and spouting their own brand of brilliance. Recently, I spoke with someone about how immigration reform continues to affect them…

My very young and impressionable grandchildren cornered me one day regarding my pending nuptials.

Are you the girl? Who will wear the dress?

After the inquisition was masterfully handled, they each shrugged, looked at each other then sped off on a skateboard and bike respectively.

I have influenced hundreds of…

Anthony Carter

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