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Luke Duggleby’s images, featured on the CNN Photo Blog, take viewers inside Southeast Asia’s illegal dog-meat trade.

Could you and your family have dog meat for dinner? Sounds insane right ?

Well in others countries they do eat dogs !! wow as I gather info on this topic its Gross idea makes me sick! But we must keep a open mind !!
Although the concept of eating dogs is unheard of in the USA in other parts of the world it is regarded as like eating chicken cows ,pigs etc. In Vietnam approximately 5 million digs are killed every year for their meat other places where dog meat are eaten includes: Europe ,Russia ,Africa , Latin America, China ,the Philippines and South Korea .

There are dog meat festivals that warrants international outrage from celebrities and animal activists around the world to help raise awareness of this slaughtering of these wonderful creatures and the cruelty involved in the dog meat trade. While the suffering of these animals is undeniable there are also some major human heath concerns arising from the consumption of dogs!

Reasons Dogs should not be used for livestock:

  1. Rabies:

Dog meat is one of the largest dangers for the spread of Rabies to both animals and people.
In the Philippians about 10,000 dogs and 300 people are killed by rabies each year . despite the efforts of the WHO to mass vaccinate dogs to prevent the spread of rabies through the processes of sourcing slaughtering and sales of dogs, the dog meat trades moves tens of thousands of dogs across international borders making rabies prevention very difficult. 
Workers can be easily infected with rabies during the killing of these dogs and spread the disease to other dogs and humans .in 2008 20% of dogs being killed for meat in Vietnam were found to have rabies. The previous year Vietnamese suffered from a rabies outbreak with approximately 30% of deaths attribute to dog meat! The Center for Disease Controls record only 10 people have ever survived this horrific disease . Clearly a major concern for eating dog meats is dangerous and deadly rabies disease spreading.

2.Other Diseases :

Possible infections are parasites such a E. Coli 107 and Salmonella there are also danger that bacterial infection like anthrax, tuberculosis, hepatitis and others germs can spread through this meat.
The bacteria associated with cholera is also spread through the processing of dog meat.
Trichinosis is a zoophytic parasite that can easily be transmitted from dogs to humans through infected meat consumption. Once the parasite are in the human body they can cause inflammation in blood vessels which leads to hemorrhaging in nail beds and eyes ,in addition to serve muscle weakness . if left untreated it can be fatal.

3.Antibiotic Resistance :

According to the change for animals foundation dog farms are very poorly taken care of , between the not feeding the dogs the right food to help them fight off diseases and not keeping these farms clean, these factors results in increased levels of infectious diseases and high mortality rates , resulting in farmers misusing of antibiotics and vaccines.

Now we have argued this topic and my take on this like millions of other Americas is 
How to Stop This Dog Meat Trade?
There are many options available if you want to stop the cruel dog meat trade First and foremost education is the key we must help educate other about the dangers that was resented earlier in the essay. And lets us come up with a solution that will benefit both America and the other countries that still eat dog meat cause they no know better.
And lastly we must communicate together clearly we are all effected by disease in this world if we sit around an say it will never happen were I live and don’t do anything we are just as fault as the people killing these dogs !

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