Let’s Stop Pretending Christianity is Actually Relevant, Okay?
Benjamin Sledge

I write this having just read yet another news story about a Mosque being vandalized, this time with brick and bible. Ben, I think your piece is sincere and I don’t blame you for others actions, however I think the damage has been done. I don’t see a way for your vision of the Church as a small, benevolent organization to become reality.
You see, power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts…absolutely. Through the religious right the church got a taste of power and I doubt it will give it up. Members of the religious right gleefully elected a man who “grabs women by the pussy” and thinks taking food from the elderly and poor and medicine from the sick is perfectly acceptable. 
The American christian church has also become a hotbed for racism, sexism, homophobia and Islamophobia. No, not every church, probably not yours…but enough to do serious harm. As so called “religious companies” look for loopholes on a weekly basis by which they can continue to discriminate on anyone not just like them, we see the unholy power religion in America has been tainted with. 
Would the church and Christianity ever willfully give up this un-christ-like power for the greater good? I doubt it. I think the institution is too far gone. Is this even a recent thing? I argue that an organization that would, in the past, sell pardons to allow sinners into a heaven was never that pious to begin with.

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