Perkzilla Review and Bonus

Anthony Mancuso
Oct 26, 2017 · 3 min read

Product Name: PerkZilla

Product Creator: Promote Labs Inc.

Launch Date: 11/7/2017

Official Website: Click Here

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The designers of Perkzilla, Simon Hodgkinson, and Jeremy Gislason initially constructed this system for themselves to indulge in viral traffic. Perkzilla is a tool that helps its users to build a viral rewards system which in turn keeps encouraging the visitors to your site to share your information, product release, articles and much more. There are a wide range of levels of rewards that are established by the user and this may be conducted on an auto-pilot premise.

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It ought to be specified that a few people who have access to the pre-launch period of Perkzilla have aired their thought and feelings about the product. Some refer to it as an easy tool to employ while others have a little difficulty with the fact that no one can utilize it to advertise an affiliate page that is not directly handled by you.

What I will attempt to establish in this Perkzilla review is to check out the product holistically. As much as people get carried away with the buzz of every launch, I like to keep things down-to-earth. On a fundamental note, this product is fashioned for those who do not possess much technical proficiency. It works on a cloud-based system, so there is nothing to download. As much as possible, it is perfect for people to watch a demonstration of the product before they decide if it will be right for them. Perkzilla helps you pick the items that may be used to reward those who share your content or recommend their friends to your website. Some typical items of reward include ebooks, discount coupons, promotional giveaways and more.

Most Perkzilla evaluations concentrate on the concept that steers the product, so I have decided not to dwell so much on that. I am going to quickly emphasize the good and the bad side of the product. This can really help each potential user to make an educated choice.

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Perkzilla is perfect for the online marketing newbie, the professional and everyone in-between. It is simple to use, and the campaigns that you set up can run on autopilot with no manual input. Likewise, it enables you to pick the level of rewards that you can provide to anyone who helps to make your content or product go viral. Another essential element is that the dashboard makes things simple to track as many campaigns as you choose to run. This signifies you can keep hitting the correct nerves in your target market as much as you choose with the help of this product.


Many may argue that the Perkzilla bonus is an impressive add-on, but I do not think so. It is not possible to advertise any affiliate page with the use of Perkzilla. This restricts the value that it will create for the online marketing professional. Nevertheless, there is a small way to surf this tide. You can establish a pre-sell page for any product you elect to market and use Perkzilla on it.

The debut of Perkzilla looks to be one more major milestone in the method people enjoy viral traffic. Based on the present projections, businesses are set to take pleasure in increased sales and an increase in their profits.


Perkzilla review

Perkzilla reviews

Perkzilla bonus

Perkzilla Promote Labs

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