First Indiegogo Startup advice: keep pushing

Our Indiegogo campaign was launched in mid February this year and we didn’t make our goal, but we are still continuing the development and production of the RevolVR controller (hows that for perseverance?).

We learned a lot from that campaign, to keep pushing our content, providing updates and communicating quickly to any questions posted on any social. Spending some nights sending out hundreds of emails…literally and i mean Literally.

Not the most exciting but its really just for demonstration of the tracking tech we have

On the of pushing, we have rewritten our tracking algorithm couple times to get rid of camera filters and improve overall quality and speed of tracking. Also SDK is now compatible with latest phones, like Samsung S7.

At the moment we are focusing on Android SDK only, making it 100% stable with no major changes neither, before we get started on the iOS SDK.

We expecting our first production Bluetooth modules to arrive next week, so that we will start sending DIY Kits and free samples again, this time with Bluetooth modules, which is a major upgrade compared to what we have started with. This will improve the performance awesomely!

We will certainly try again for crowdfunding support!

to quote David Brent:

“If you are facing the right direction, all you got to do is keep on walking.”

(cannot find the reference at the moment, but apparently its definitely not buddha who said it.)

Got any dev related questions, lemme know!

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