RevolVR Indiegogo Campaign is NOW LIVE

Just an update with our indiegogo link, be sure to check it out and share.

Its some real exciting times here at RevolVR HQ. From starting as a group of friends with an awesome idea of giving back to the VR community. Our mission is embarking on its most crucial course and that destination is our Indiegogo campaign.

Thats right, you sure did read it right.

The big news,we are officially launching our Indiegogo Campaign on the 23 February 2016, and we are about to hit Indiegogo real hard in the teeth virtually. We’ve been distributing RevolVR ALPHA devices to the public and we’ve made a promise, and that promise is that at the end of our campaign, when we are successful. We will make all our findings #opensource and #openhardware. Giving back to the community that has provided us with so much interest and support. The VRBros community has certainly welcomed RevolVR with open arms virtually and literally. Introducing RevolVR to a great community of enthusiasts, VR Developers and simply passionate people that love Virtual Reality.

Its official RevolVR is set to set sail on this Indiegogo Campaign journey only to make waves on this majestic voyage to our final destination and yes i’m going a bit over the top but it’s because i’m very excited!

If you want to checkout what good the VRBros have been doing, you can catch them on these channels:

Reality Check VR

Brute bandit
gamehard 4.0

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