Smartphones the Preferred VR Headset Device

I have been looking around for something to prove this title valid. The closest thing I could find was a little something posted by VentureBeat.

“Mobile VR has a really attractive price point,” said Palm (the Candy Crush guy). “It’s also very portable. It looks much more mass market.”

Palm-pam has got a point, right now if you have an Android or iOS smartphone you basically have access to the awesome world of VR in your pocket, yes just take a moment to soak that all in.

it’ll be okay

Todays smartphones have more technology than the Apollo NASA space rocket, well that comparison was done with an iPhone 4s.

I know remain calm

Okay, so enough close ups on my face in disbelief. Fact is our phones can access the world of VR and Google have made GoogleCardboard, the most affordable headset on the market. Anyway people can use it and experience VR for the first time without making your bank account explode. A little upgrade to a mid-level device for $100 you can use a GearVR in style and more comfort.

Google now want GearVR’s market trouble brewing

The Cardboard gives anybody with a smart phone access to the world of VR and that is valuable and marketable. It is difficult to say whether the $599 Oculus is feasible for most gamers, hobbyists and enthusiasts. I do believe that the high end devices will certainly provide the best VR experience, but at what price?…$599 plus is your computer powerful enough? if no, then add a $1000. As an enthusiast, I’ll definitely take the steps of Google Cardboard > Gear VR > Oculus or Vive when the money comes.

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