A Letter To My Readers Regarding An Exciting Announcement

Dear reader,

After two years on Medium, I’ve decided to host my own brand-new blog at anthonydmays.com! The new site features brand-new content designed to help me share my inspiring story with the world to empower the next generation of tech leaders. Plus, I can spend the time I would’ve spent managing two blogs writing more articles instead.

On the new site, you’ll find even more articles about my life growing up as a foster kid in Compton, my experiences as a of the 2% of employees at Google who are black, and my perspectives on tech inclusion from a distinctly Christian worldview. My aim is both to share my diverse perspectives with the world and to shed light on God’s providential work in my life.

I invite you to sign-up for my newsletter to receive the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox (only takes a few seconds). I’d also be happy to hear from you by email so that I can learn your story or just say “hello.”

Thank you for reading. I pray that God richly blesses you. Thanks!

In Christ,
Anthony D. Mays
Bible nerd