What Motivates Me?

Early on (and by early on I mean about High School years) my mother and father were my motivation. Both my parents came to the United States of America illegally from Mexico. although they later were granted citizenship through amnesty in the 80s they originally came here illegally in hopes of better lives and brighter futures.

From my earliest memory both of my parents worked full time jobs, my father works in the machining industry developing hermetically sealed parts and my mother works as a registrar at a high school. Without any government assistance they raised me and gave me more than I could ever repay them for. Their work ethic taught me that no reward comes without sacrifice and nothing in this world is free. Seeing their success first hand in comparison to where they came from is still something that amazes me and motivates me everyday. A reoccurring thought of mine is “If they could get to where they are now from where they started, I have no excuse not to surpass or equate their level of success.”

Another thing that motivates me is fear. One of my biggest fears is to fall short of where I see myself in the future. I fear that I may come off as an imposter to the design community. “Am I really good enough to take on freelance clients?” & “Will they really pay me?” are examples of questions I have asked myself many times before. The fear of staying the same and not evolving or growing as a designer is another thing that motivates me. Do I really want to be 40 years old with the same skills I had at 25? Hell no! Fear could be considered a negative emotion, but it’s how you react to fear that really matters. Are you the type to curl up in a corner and cry? Or the type to understand fear and begin problem solving & finding a solution? I choose the latter.

Now you know what motivates me and I am interested to hear what motivates you?! You can comment on this post below or tweet me.


Originally published at www.anthonymejia.com on November 13, 2015.

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