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Imagine the scene… It’s the early morning, the birds are chirping, sun streaks through the White House windows as the President awakes, uncrosses his arms, and reaches for his cell phone. After checking his secret stocks, he opens Twitter and discovers he’s lost millions of followers.

Hear the guttural moans escaping his pouted lips as he clamors for Melania, Jared, Ivanka, someone, anyone, to explain what the actual fuck is going on.

He gets Jack Dorsey on the phone and threatens to use his executive privilege to turn off the Twitter machine unless this huge mistake, this conspiracy, this witch…

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A poem

At the coast
catching sand crabs
each one
just as fabulous as the last.

On nature walks
collecting roly-polys
her hand
a city that never sleeps.

But in the car
picking up puzzles
little ears
unpacking NPR.

In the kitchen
tongue in teeth
squeezing fun out of oranges.

On the loo
door open
fine voice
lifting up the afternoon.

But at the park
held back
nose crumpled
knotted swings and yellow tape.

In the garden
mucky smiles
mud pies.

On her bike
wobbling wildly
the middle of the road
bumps and shrugs.

But at the sink
scrubbing again
and again

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In the flashing light from the TV playing Daniel Tiger, a stay-at-home dad lays half-asleep on the couch while his two daughters tie the dog to a miniature trampoline.

It was way too late but the stay-at-home-dad could not muster the strength to begin the bedtime battle. Once he told the girls to brush their teeth they would scatter like rats. When he had finally wrangled them into bed he’d be ordered around like an old handmaiden; told to fetch, and scratch, and quench, and sing. He had skipped dinner and vowed to never do it again.

As the warm…

Let me count the ways

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I hate Bono’s name

Proper singers are called John or Janis or Meatloaf. Bono sounds like an Australian pet dog.

Wikipedia says that you got the name after hanging out with a surrealist street gang in 1970s Dublin. They say this like everyone knows what a surrealist street gang is.

Apparently, Bono is short for Bonovox — which is Latin for “good voice.” Now all your friends and family call you Bono even though your real name is Paul.

So you make your loved ones compliment you on your vocal pitch even when they call you out for not flushing the toilet?

Who does…

How did a wine movie set in Memphis become a Netflix #1?

Photo: Argent Pictures/ Mandalay Pictures / Netflix

Uncorked tells the story of a young African American wine enthusiast who turns his back on the family BBQ business in Memphis to pursue his dream of becoming a master sommelier.

It’s an entertaining family drama that takes a realist approach and delivers something thoughtful and oftentimes beautiful.

The film’s writer/director, Prentice Penny, has previously worked on TV shows Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Insecure, but this is his first feature.

It hit the Netflix №1 spot in the US on its release on March 24th. How a Netflix #1 compares to the traditional metrics for success (ie. dollars) is still up…

This twisted sci-fi-horror has a lot to teach about the power of intrigue and a captivating story-world.

Photo: Basque Films / Mr. Myagi Films / Netflix

I don’t know if this pandemic has got me hopelessly trying to find meaning in things or if the Netflix algorithms are just that good at predicting exactly what type of content we like and when, but The Platform feels like an oddly significant movie to be released right now.

Acquired by Netflix at the Toronto Film Festival, this Spanish horror really gets under your skin. …

If quarantine doesn’t unearth feelings of resentment and anger — you may not be doing it right.

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At 10 o’clock last night, in the pouring rain, I went for a walk. I didn’t bring the dog. I didn’t listen to music or a podcast. I didn’t even take a discernible route. I just bolted out the door and zig-zagged my way around the apartment complex and surrounding streets.

Jabbering aloud, I gave voice to the myriad of micro-aggressions, frustrations, and general rage that simmered inside of me. I dumped out feelings, marital issues, worries, and ideas into the night air. To a stranger, I probably looked like I was eight miles high. Part of me wishes I…

This Disney flop teaches us how to avoid ruining ‘true stories’.

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

In the year 2020, when we have premium film and television content coming out of our ears: why am I analyzing Newsies?

The same reason I take inventory of my toilet paper every other day: Covid-19.

As my family adjusts to sheltering in place, there’s been way too much Disney+ in our lives.

The other day, rather than watch Moana or Winnie the Pooh for the umpteenth time, I insisted on something new. …

The movie with Pete Davidson’s breakout role has a few a-ha moments for writers

Photo: American High / MXN Entertainment / LD Entertainment

Big Time Adolescence is a coming of age story that follows 16-year-old, Mo; a shy kid who idolizes his best friend, Zeke, a college burnout. It charts their relationship as Zeke gets Mo mixed up selling drugs at high school parties.

The movie was recently released on Hulu and gives a starring role to SNL cast member, Pete Davidson, as the charismatic but fucked-up, Zeke. The film has earned some solid reviews with Davidson lauded for a breakout performance and the story celebrated for its fresh take on the high school movie.

Adolescence is Writer/Director Jason Orley’s feature debut and…

5 takeaways from the critically acclaimed comedy

Photo: Annapurna Pictures / Gloria Sanchez Productions / ShadowMachine


Two nerdy girls desperately try to be wild and make it to their first high school party on the night before graduation.

Why I Watched

Booksmart got some stellar reviews, earning a 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes. I’m always intrigued by comedies that earn widespread approval because the genre is so subjective.

I’m also a sucker for high school or college movies; growing up in Northern England, they fuelled my fascination with America. When someone told me Booksmart was “Superbad with girls,” I was sold.

From a creative point of view, this type of movie interests me because the writers have to find…

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