Life Behind the Wheel

How becoming an Uber driver taught me to be a better person

Like many others, my wife and I both work. Dual income…4 kids. However, we chose to move into a nicer neighborhood to allow our children the opportunity to go to what in our opinion was the best public school option around. Our city/state: Omaha, Nebraska. The school district we moved to: Millard Public Schools. We wanted our kids to graduate from Millard North High School which has some notable alumni such as;

We had money saved, a few thousand from deployments and my days in the Air Force. In my 12 years of active service I had managed to put enough away to settle down and afford the down payment on the dream house we had our eye on in the school district we wanted. In other words, we were set, happy, dare I say we were killing the game! Then life happens.

Medical bills. Orthodontist bills. That 4k TV that I “needed”. You know, the types of things I never accounted for because I was too busy enjoying the ride. So here I am. I have a second job, its official. Well, that brings us here: today. I completed my second day of Uber driving and had a great time doing it. I was shocked at first, but it almost didn’t seem like work. I finished a near 12 hour shift (Taking many breaks along the way for safety) and I can’t sleep. I’m alive with the energy of the people that occupied my UberXL Minivan and compelled me to write this seemingly nonsensical blog. Stay with me, I just thought you might want the back story.

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**disclaimer — I’m not a professional**yet

Either I’m sleep deprived or Uber just taught me a valuable life lesson. I can’t sleep so I’m thinking instead. I came to the conclusion that I hated Donald Trump for the wrong reasons and I may have even gained insight into why people like him. I hated Trump, until I realized what makes him “successful” and that I’ve been doing it all my life. HOLD ON‼️I’m not voting for the guy, just hear me out.

There are multiple ways to be successful. Allow me to steal a quote from a great Joe Rogan Experience podcast gone by for a second. Joe explains in one episode that Miyamoto Musashi, an ancient samurai who became a ronin and traveled throughout Japan 🇯🇵 wrote a book called The Book of Five Rings. In this book Musashi explains that, “…if you know the way broadly you will see it in all things.” #powerfulJRE


…let us imagine your life goal were say, doing something enjoyable for a living, for example. You want to be a master at your craft. Make a comfortable living for your family through whatever medium you choose. Sound like someone you know? Is it you? I’m serious because this is theater of the mind, let’s say that’s you. Currently though, you are an Uber driver, and you have no other real skill other than being a conversationalist with your average fare. You have no education, yet you are often more of a therapist to some people that their actual shrink! Starting to see it? Your smooth talking makes good tips because you are good at selling yourself to others and making them feel comfortable. You could parley your Uber job into anything from belly-to-belly sales in an industry of your choice or Help out at a support group for cancer patients. Make them laugh, it couldn’t hurt. Pun intended.

My point is that the path to success is not linear. It’s not straight, it’s just not. It is fractal and just because you suck at something, it IS NOT an EXCUSE to do nothing and half ass everything in life. The fact is, you never tried. Put in MAXIMUM EFFORT, no matter how badly it pales in comparison to the master’s work. For you are not a master and that’s ok. You are the jack of all trades, master of none. You see the way broadly. Now go do whatever it is you do, to the best of your abilities.

**steps off soapbox**

Where was I? Oh, Drumpf, I mean Trump. He is a master at playing pretend. The worst kind of mastery, it truly is a dark art. Subversion is his game. He said it himself! Why is this bad? It’s bad because when the veil is lifted and America needs her hero to come out from behind the curtain; to perform magic only a hero can perform; to stop us from careening of the edge of madness and into oblivion…the person behind that curtain better not have made it to his/her post through playing pretend. Or we are all f*cked.

I did that, I played pretend for many years. I enjoyed that time of no responsibility with unhindered excitement and lust for life! Where did that go? What if I told you, you could have it back? Simply go out into the world 🌎. Spread love, nurture it, and squash hatred and negativity. Buddha said that a person is not truly free until they can look at a person they love ❤️ (family), a person that has wronged them, and a person whom they do not know, and treat all three as equals. Be the best you possible. You just might find yourself loving the life you live instead of wishing for one that won’t exist.