When Change Comes

It is almost noon on a Thursday morning and I’m sitting at the dining room table with my son. While he rips apart paper from the arts and crafts container, the girls are in the basement playing and I’m taking time to respond to a few important e-mails and write. Stephanie and the baby went to Mass, and at the moment — it’s quiet.

In a few minutes, we will pray the angelus as a family and then have lunch. After that, the kids will start school and I will slip away to my office to get some work done before heading to a high school for a retreat, followed by a parish for a holy hour.

This is a new normal “type-of-day” in the Muhs house.

Usually for us, there is a lot of chaos. When you have 4 kids (with the oldest child being 5) it gets a little crazy sometimes. But, every now and then, you get a window of calm.

Stephanie has it much more difficult than I do because she has the busiest job in the world — being “Mommy.” But, it’s not exactly a walk in the park for Daddy either. And now, more than ever, we’ve had to schedule in pockets of time for rest and quiet. We literally schedule rest. We have a shared digital family calendar with “meetings” set up to have quiet time and rest.

Stephanie and I are now on an early morning routine, which has been a major adjustment for us coming from the youth ministry world. Anyone who knows us well knows that this is a radical change. We’re both, what you would call, “night owls.” Starting a couple weeks ago we began waking up earlier than normal to get a jumpstart to our day. I now find myself crawling into bed around 9pm. (Ask my youth ministry friends — I’m pretty sure they think I’m crazy.)

Life is different now.

A year ago, the flow of our day looked very different. Stephanie and I were both working at a parish. Now, we are actively homeschooling and I am working out of my home. We took a major leap of faith to try a new approach to serving the Church and raising our family. We’ve sacrificed income and comfort to have a “better life.” Let me tell you, this whole process has been an exciting journey that has led to many new opportunities that I’m hoping to share with you in time.

Now, here’s the point.

When change comes, don’t be afraid of it. In your life, there will be unforeseen circumstances that force you to change. You can probably think of things in the last year or two that have redirected the course of your life — a career change, a new or failed relationship, a major accident or a big move. Whatever it is for you that has brought you to the place that you’re in now, choose to adapt and move forward. Set new goals that will make you the best version of yourself and start that now. Schedule meetings with yourself. Take a few minutes today in quiet to remind yourself of your passions and dreams. Ask God what changes you will need to make to get to the point that you’re living the life you want to life. Write down everything that comes to mind. Design a plan of attack to reach those dreams then go for it. It could be the best decision you will ever make. You have one life to live so live it well.

At least, this is what we did, and so far it’s worked.

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