Winter has come! Andela Cohort XVII day one of boot camp has flagged off with a bang. Its a not so chilly Monday morning and as an early bird who knows that punctuality is the sole of business I walk on site into Andela eagerly with the mission of catching my ‘worm’. As I walk on site, I am greeted with a large crowd of unfamiliar yet cheerfully looking faces of fellow boot campers. Full of mixed emotions of both excitement and nervousness I proceeded to find myself a seat as I wait anxiously wait for what the day has in stored for us.

To commence our day, we were well greeted and joined by some of the Andela staff fellows who went ahead and to lead us on a brief team building warm up exercise. The games were fun and quite interactive, turns out this was the perfect dose of medicine I needed for my nervous self. After close to half an hour of engaging on our fun exercises, we departed to Spire along Ngong’ Road which was to be our base of operations for conduction of our self learning clinic where we first helped ourselves to a cup of tea and chit chat with newly made friends from our warm up games. We were then introduced to our facilitators for the boot camp learning clinic and the assigned into groups which was a mirror reflection of one of the core values of Andela EPIC. Which one you may ask? Collaboration for we were to function as a team and build and learn from each other. The full Andela values abbreviated as EPIC are; Excellence, Passion, Integrity and of course Collaboration. We went ahead and learned on a overview of what expectations we are to meet by the end of our self learning clinic.

Who knew I could learn so much in a day. I got to know a brief idea on what TDD (Test Driven Design) entails and on its importance especially serving as a confidence booster in knowing that your project code is fully functioning. I also got to learn on the importance of Github, which serves a very efficient back up tool for your project and a good referencing tool to track every operation one does to your project. Pretty neat, don't you think so?

And so, the ball is now officially on my court and I have every intention of racking massive three pointers, Steph Curry style.

Change is the end result of all true learning. Leo Buscaglia

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