Applying UX Principles to Plain Old Email

UX and Email

People don’t just read your email, they experience your email; the flow, the structure, the tone, etc. An email also sits…

A Reaction to’s New Editor

Whenever a software company changes their software there are inevitable complaints from those who have learned to use it. The company generally gives people time to adjust, and does its best to listen to but ultimately ignore their groans until the adjustment time is over.

However, sometimes, the groans are…

Complex is Easy, Simple is Hard

My college life was all about education. Mathematics, arts, and sciences were thrown at high speed for high credits. Yet some of the longest lasting lessons didn’t come from the classroom — at least not the ones I was paying for. One lesson in particular informed the way I would…

As both a developer and a user experience designer, I often marvel at the lack of understanding both sides have for each other. While making UX recommendations to a developer on a particular interface I have had a conversation something along these lines more than once:

Developer: “The user needs…

Learn from interfaces that have endured

In his seminal work The Design of Everyday Things (newly revised in 2013), Don Norman notes that with every new technology designers repeat the same mistakes of the past.

User experience designers should not fall into this trap, because a fundamental key to good UX design is humility. It takes…

The Mantra of The Guessable Interface

In the land of coding there is a principle that defines the essence of modern multi-tier software architectures. DRY: Don’t Repeat Yourself.

DRY has become so widely accepted in software design because the benefits are obvious and immediate. Less code to write, less bugs to fix. …

Using frustration to find inspiration

I have been doing a great deal of traveling as of late. Travel is frustrating. Airports, hotels, car rides and more are filled with other people’s design choices. Some are good, some are bad, and they all carry lessons in user experience.

Airport bathrooms, for example, turn out to be…

Anthony P. Alicea

Software Developer + UX Designer

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