Credentials to Participate

How did you say you programmed the solar system or taught the creatures on earth to thrive? How did you participate in the construction of time and space? You remember the message you told the wind to carry don’t you?

The mysteries of science and psychology don’t slip by you, when you’re the one who aided in forming it right? Where are your credentials that prove your worthiness, your stature?

If drawing the horizon or stacking the mountains isn’t on your resume, you’re not qualified. If you don’t have knowledge of all existence, you’re not enough to make the cut.

Well, that is to work alongside God the Creator and take part in the unfolding of His magnificent story. At least that would seem reasonable. It doesn’t make sense that God would allow someone like you and me, who are so painfully underqualified to aid Him in a plan beyond our scope of comprehension.

Even He were to look past our ignorance and our lack of understanding, how could he ever condone our childish behavior?

We run around flexing muscles that cant break stone and screaming with voices that are drowned by rushing waters. We bang on His sacred door, demanding that we have the freedom to run rampant and still curry his favor.

There is not a single ounce of understanding or a drop of rationale in our petition. We cry and mumble, curse and despise, and occasionally blurt out a prayer of accusation. Our hearts are stubborn and our souls more evil than the wickedness that abounds below. And yet He still asks,

“Did you bring your pencil?” “I brought the ink. I hope you’re ok with red. . .”

Can we then, who are so far from being enough, respond to such amazing grace with “no thanks” or “you don’t know me?” Are we in our right mind when our hearts defy the sacrifice of God and His redeeming power because we’re a little fearful of failure? It’s actually an injustice that we have the audacity to oppose the declarations of God.

His Truth is unwavering, it’s place sealed in the annals of sacrifice, but His confession over us is no different. He has seen you and known you since the inception of thought.

Eternity is laid out on the palm of mercy, and He has called for your name.

God trusts in you to overcome your weaknesses, your inabilities, your shame, and your blunders. He has equipped you with the power to prevail and the identity to persevere.

God doesn’t require assistance, but it His greatest joy to seek it, because it means being close to you. There is a fruit-bearing tree that lay dormant in your spirit and God is itching to see it sprout.

Unlike the advice of the world, He put all of His eggs in one basket. He put them all in you. He pursues you and invites you as if you are His only option. When He trusts you, He trusts you with His son’s life. When He asks you to come, He leans on you and depends on you.

God, like our earthly parents and friends, gives us an opportunity to catch Him when He falls. We might not be able to actually hold Him up, but He never asked us to.

He just wants our hearts to be bold enough to throws ourselves, our minds humble enough to close our eyes, and our hands open enough to press them onto His body. He wants you to join Him in the unraveling of creation.

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