Jump Higher Fall Harder

I wonder if falling down would be any less scary if we could jump up just as high. Think of Hulk falling down from skyscrapers or Superman crashing down to earth. Super-human abilities always did produce some serious soul-searching. It just dawned on me that it seems a little useless to me to be afraid of heights when you can fly.

But I think this really is the way things work in our minds. Just like a child is afraid of jumping down even a few inches, we’re afraid of doing things we don’t have history with. We’ve decided that what we can assuredly accomplish is safe while anything beyond that is too much. But in reality, we might be the ones missing out on flying.

Aren’t we the ones who dreamed of being astronauts?

Didn’t we go running around the house blowing things up and saving lives?

Some might dismiss it as childish, but I’d say differently. No one had a monopoly on creativity, heroism, and aspiration, and no one does now. No child was not allowed to dream.

Only when we start forming a society-driven conscience do we begin to hold back.

The expression looks a little different, but the very people who decide to re-engage with their ambitious plans of saving the world become our modern day influencers. The great thing about this secret is that it’s accessible to everyone. Just don’t be afraid.

Maybe you’re like me and your physical jump wont ever go higher than a foot. But I dare you to challenge the way you think about yourself and what you can accomplish. Believe in the potential to fly and act out on that reality.

Whatever your jump looks like, take the time now to strengthen those muscles. Meet new people, read into your interests, and do what scares you. Climb up before you start worrying about falling down.

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