Stand Still For a Moment

Anthropological spaces of transience where the human beings remain anonymous and that do not hold enough significance are regarded as “non places”- French anthropologist Marc Augé

Places you’re familiar with include hotels, airports, and malls. Forget about jobs and cities. We’ve abandoned those to passing fads or relegated them to steps on a ladder a long long time ago.

We’ve bought into the idea that our existence is as shallow and ephemeral as the places we go and the things we buy.

In the same way that trends and rebellion have spread like a virus amongst this young generation, the misguided concept of constantly moving, being a successful vagabond, endorses our cowardice and lack of responsibility.

Have you let your home become a non-place? How about your loved ones, friends, and even beliefs. We can’t succumb to the shifting environments by disposing of who we genuinely are and what we stand for.

We need people in this generation who are stable. Consistent. 
Stability was once explained as the spiritual discipline to stay put in order to get somewhere.

Sometimes it takes gritting our teeth and staying for the long haul to get the results we want.

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