I am an arrogant guy. Most people would consider that a shortcoming or character defect but I happen to call it insurance! Allow me to explain… Before you dismiss me, let’s just stay open minded here. A little arrogance probably wouldn’t hurt you anyway!

I personally do not know anyone who hasn’t been through some form of traumatic situation in their lives. Of all the people I know, the results of those traumas vary significantly. Most are emotionally jacked up in some way, spanning a wide spectrum of emotional idiosyncrasies. Some are depressed, some are closed off, some are WIDE open, some love to help others, some hate everyone. While we generally have no say in whether or not we experience trauma we do have a say in how we respond to it. We are in control of our response. We get to choose how we deal with trauma. I happen to choose arrogance.

Why? You might ask. The answer is simple, I’ve overcome A LOT of bullshit in my life. Abuse, Addiction, Overdoses, Depression, Prison. You name it I’ve been through it. Growing up the list of people who would solve my problems was slim. I didn’t have a silver spoon, I didn’t have anything handed to me. I had to fight for it. Just the fact that I’m alive is enough reason to be arrogant. Most guys from my neighborhood go to prison or die from drug overdoses. Add that I’ve accomplished some things in life and have been able to make a decent life for myself and my kids and you’ll see that I have overcome the statistical probability of most of my peers growing up.

I have turned my arrogance into insurance. My arrogance insures that I won’t settle for anything less than the best that life has to offer. My arrogance insures that my relationships are genuine because people accept me for who I am, arrogance and all. My arrogance is insurance that when trauma comes, we know it will, it won’t kill me or drive me off the rails. In those traumatic moments my arrogance will remind me of what I have already overcome, giving me confidence that I will overcome the present storm. Most people see arrogance as a weakness but I see it as a strength. I think my arrogance keeps me from a shitty life with bad relationships, and overall misery. I embrace it! I am arrogant and you can too! It will change your life I promise!

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