The Voices in Our Heads…

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve never been one for self reflection or introspection. I have also learned the drawbacks of this the hard way. We all know the feeling, there are thousands of voices in our heads and they’re all talking at the same time, none of them say the same things and most of them don’t make any sense. These seemingly bi-polar, contradictory, inconsistent thoughts, that we all accept to be of our own making, usually eat our lunch and convince us that we are crazy!

Guess what? You’re not crazy! At least I hope not because if you’re crazy, so am I, in fact most people I know are certifiable!

The reality is our brains are constantly on the move, bombarding us with an endless stream of thoughts. If we don’t learn to de-clutter or decipher these voices we are bound for pain and misery. If you don’t believe me send me an email, I’ll tell you my experience!

I’ve learned a few things that have truly helped me get some peace in my head. I’ve found that when I practice these things in my daily life my headspace is better, my outlook is better, and, in turn, my life is better. I hope you’ll find them beneficial!

— Unplug once in a while!

This is huge! We are so connected to what’s going on outside of our inner circle that we often forget about our inner circle. If we are too wrapped up in the “internet” relationships we have, .i.e. social media, TMZ, whatever your flavor is, the relationships we have in reality will suffer. Not only that but unplugging also lets your loved ones know that they are a priority. iPhones have an awesome feature called “do not disturb” you can program it for certain times of day or you can turn it on whenever you feel the need. This is something I practice most weekends. When I want to watch a movie with my girl, spend time with my kids, or just kick back I can do it without the constant bombardment of notifications and status updates. Try it, you’ll enjoy it!

— Meditation

Meditation has been a huge asset for me. If you look at some of the most successful people in the arenas of art, business, or entertainment, you will find a large percentage of them have a mindfulness practice that is part of their daily routine. Meditation teaches you how to observe your thoughts objectively, giving you tools that can be hugely beneficial in high stress moments throughout your day. Just learning to take a pause and focus on your breathing for a minute or two can serve as a way to diffuse moments of anxiety or chaotic thoughts. A great app for this is called headspace. They have a free 10 day guided meditation. This can help you get started but the idea is to be able to make this time without the aid of tech.

— Pursue creative endeavors

Exercising our creative muscles is something so few of us do. Maybe someone critiqued us when we were a kid and convinced us that we couldn’t sing or draw or whatever. Whatever that thing was that you loved to do, whether you’re good at it or not, go do it! Do it even if you suck! And if you suck, do it again until eventually you suck less. Clearly that’s what I’m doing here, hoping to suck less than last time!

Most importantly:

— Don’t take life so serious!

Have some fun! Enjoy yourself! Laugh as often as possible! Smile whether you think you have a reason or not!

Life isn’t about paying bills and dying. Life is about connections, love, and leaving a legacy. If we aren’t cultivating the close connections in our lives, no amount of money we bring home will ever be good enough to enjoy. If we aren’t honoring and cherishing in the people we love the status we seek will become a curse and not a blessing. If we aren’t careful the things we think make our lives so great can be the very things that lead to our demise.

You owe it to yourself to take control of your life and your mind. Put some of these habits into place and you just might find your mind isn’t such a scary place after all!