Know Better The Tax Lien & Tax Deed Investing By Mario Prisciandaro and Anthony Prisciandaro

Nowadays people prefer tax lien and tax deed investing as it has the potential to be insanely profitable. It actually has provided a lot of big breaks for investors. It is a solid approach to make a lot of money. However, the real concepts related to tax liens and tax deed are still not clear to people. They don’t know how this investing strategy exactly works. Therefore expert’s guidance is much needed before moving forward towards investing. Mario Prisciandaro and Anthony Prisciandaro are the real estate experts who will assist you in a better manner so that you can confidently invest in tax liens and tax deed to gain the double profit.

Mario Prisciandaro and Anthony Prisciandaro perfectly explain about a tax lien and tax deed:

Tax Lien:

A tax lien is the government’s claim on the property that is placed when an individual fails to pay taxes owed. In such case, the government does not seize the property; however get the first right over the property than other creditors.

Tax lien Certificate:

It is generally sold to the investor through an auction process. An investor can collect the unpaid taxes along with the rate of interest that will be more than 30% depending on the country rules. It is a document proving that the certificate holder has purchased a property in a lien sale auction.

Tax Deed:

A tax deed is a legal document that grants an ownership to the government on the property if the property owner fails to pay the levies due on the property. It basically gives the authority to the government to sell the property and to transfer it to the purchaser, to get the delinquent taxes. This is called as tax deed sales that usually held as auctions. The minimum bid is the amount of back taxes and fees owed at the auction.

Benefits of Investing in Tax Lien and Tax Deed By Mario Prisciandaro & Anthony Prisciandaro:

If you win the bid, you would get a profitable return on your investment in two ways i.e. interest on the bid amount &the ownership of the property

Interest on the bid amount:

If in case, the redeem period exceeds, you will get your invested capital back along with the amount of interest allowed in your state. It is a good investment as it usually has a statutory interest rate of 10 to 12 percent.

The ownership of the property:

Most of the owners redeem their property within a year; however, if the taxpayer fails to redeem its property, you can easily take the ownership.

So, invest carefully with the proper knowledge about tax lien and tax deed by Mario Prisciandaro and Anthony Prisciandaro, the real estate expert in teaching and investing who will help you out to make the double profit in the best possible way. Know what all the excitement is about and how the mechanism works well for you.

Anthony Prisciandaro

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Anthony Prisciandaro will clear your doubts and show you the path to get the tax lien and tax deed certificate.

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