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Introducing “Peel” a new app to help you find a meaningful relationship

Anthony Riera
Apr 18 · 3 min read

As a single young adult living in a big city, I’m rubbing shoulders with tons of people every day, yet I find it very hard to create meaningful romantic relationships. And I’m not the only one, 60% of the 20–34-year-olds living alone in Canada are single too.

I consider myself sociable and likable but my social interactions are constrained between my coworkers and my friends. Those often not being an option, as a millennial it felt natural to start meeting new people through dating apps.

We are living in a hyperconnected world where our next match is potentially a tap or a swipe away, flooded by new profiles to choose from every day. This paradox of choice, also seen on Netflix users when they search for a movie to watch, is shifting our focus from what matters most: building a real connection with someone.

Say hi to Peel 🎉

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Peel, an app I co-founded that reduces the amount of noise by design, by limiting the number of people a user can talk to at the same time. Our motto is quality over quantity.

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Good use of your time

Talking to many people at the same time results in repetitive chitchats leading to knowing no one at the end. By limiting the number of simultaneous chats to two, every conversation tends to be more meaningful and real. Peel helps you stay focused and increases your chances of finding your plus one. Don’t forget good things take time and effort.

Serious not boring

A good connection starts with a good first impression. Peel helps its users stand out by pushing them to create a profile that truly reflects their personality. Whether you’re sassy, funny, shy, extrovert… we got you covered!

This improves the quality of matches and down the line the quality of dates.

We all hate small talks that lead to nowhere, that’s why on Peel you don’t just like a photo or swipe a profile to show your interest in someone but instead, make the first move by responding to an “icebreaker” chosen by them. If they like your answer they can start a conversation with you and react to your response: no more boring openers (“Hey”, “What’s up”… we’re all bored of them!).

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Safe for all

The app has been designed from the ground up with safety in mind. Every profile picture uploaded is manually reviewed and any user can easily report suspect or disrespectful behaviors. We take online safety very seriously and are committed to ensuring every profile on Peel is real: goodbye catfish!

But we won’t stop there. Our focus will always be on safety and we are already planning on adding features to improve profiles verification.

Peel is now available on iOS or Android in Toronto, Canada. We can’t wait to hear your feedback about it!

Do you want to talk about us? Download our media kit here

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