Jordan Carver’s boyfriend arrested for dealing Steroids

Earlier this month, David Baldwin, of Edmond, Oklahoma, was arrested (along with his mother, Sharon Little) on federal charges of manufacturing and selling anabolic steroids. This is the same David Baldwin who is Jordan Carver’s boyfriend.

Baldwin and his mother are looking at 16 separate charges and allegedly earned $3.2+ million dollars as an international steroid source. On the underground side, the rumor mill says that he operated under the name “Strango Meds,” which is a somewhat popular underground lab.

If you don’t know who Jordan Carver is, she’s primarily an Instagram model (she’s appeared elsewhere but this is where the majority of her work would be done and found)… although you may recall her as a contestant on a German reality show called Wild Girls — Auf High Heels durch Afrika (translation: Wild Girls — In High Heels Through Africa). She was voted off.

This is her.

Anyway, you may be the jaded sort of person who doesn’t see true love when you see a model dating an older millionaire, but not me. I’m betting these two crazy kids weather the storm and she stands by him throughout anything that happens.

(H/T to Nik Richie & co. for the pic)