Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie lacks advertised protein, says Class Action Lawsuit

It hasn’t been going well for Lenny & Larry or their Complete Cookie. First, there was a recall in December of 2016 for undeclared dairy contamination in their chocolate chips. That’s kind of a big deal when you’re selling a cookie that’s supposedly vegan.

And now they’ve been sued in a class action lawsuit that claims they’ve drastically overstated their protein content — claiming 16 grams of protein per cookie when laboratory tests reveal that each cookie has between 4–9 grams of protein.

That’s a big deal because this is a (supposedly) high-protein cookie that’s being sold at gyms and fitness retailers. And we aren’t talking about a small mistake here, or intrabatch deviation, we’re talking about cookies that only have 25–45% as much protein as the label claims.

In other words, the recalled chocolate chips tasted just like regular chocolate chips (made with milk) for the same reason that these cookies taste like regular cookies.

I’m guessing that the rest of the macronutrient claims aren’t accurate either.

It’s difficult to believe that a single ingredient in a cookie could be subtracted (most of the protein powder) without the substitution of another ingredient (likely more flour) to maintain integrity throughout the baking process.