“New Whey Protein” is mostly collagen, underdosed by >80%, says lawsuit

Sep 24, 2016 · 2 min read

You’ve probably seen them at your local GNC. Or on Bodybuilding.com. Maybe you’ve bought one at 7/11…

I’m talking about protein shots. Those tiny bottles they sell everywhere, that give you a quick boost of protein on-the-go, without having to eat a bar or scarf down a whole shake.

They’re a great idea — a shot of protein and you’re good to go. But they don’t actually help you build muscle. Here’s why:

Their main ingredient is collagen, which has a very low biological value. In fact, the PDCAAS (Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score, a measurement of protein quality) of collagen is zero. ZERO.

Collagen, although it may have some utility in helping joints and connective tissue, won’t build any muscle (ZERO). And this is the main ingredient in most protein shots on the market…if you don’t believe me, check out the label next time you see one.

But the company behind “New Whey Protein,” is taking a bad idea and making it worse, claims a recently-filed class action lawsuit:

So according to the plaintiff in this lawsuit, not only is New Whey Protein using an inferior protein, with no biological value, they’re not even using the amount they claim on the label:

Protein that has a PDCAA score of zero isn’t going to build muscle, regardless of how much you consume…but giving users <20% of the protein they’re paying for, is another problem entirely.


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