One Half of Duracap signs Plea Deal

On June 21st of 2016, Beny Mesika and John Wesley Houser IV were indicted on charges related to the distribution of anabolic steroids (Superdrol/Methasteron). At least one case of liver failure has been directly tied to Duracap’s methasteron product.

Also named in the first paragraph of the indictment is Joseph De Melo, who had been selling methasteron produced by Duracap. In 2012, a cooperating informant provided a taped phone call with De Melo to the Feds, who leveraged a prior ecstasy conviction and offered him a plea deal to gain his cooperation.

In return he provided substantial information on seven companies and numerous other offenders, according to U.S. Attorney Tony Arvin, at De Melo’s 2015 sentencing hearing. The Duracap indictment, despite industry rumors to the contrary, is a direct result of this cooperation.

On April 11th, 2017, Houser signed a deal agreeing to plead guilty:

Part of the terms of his agreement, in order to fulfill his end of the deal and receive a 5K1.1 letter for a downward departure in sentencing, is to cooperate with the government (as De Melo did before him):

Obviously this doesn’t look good for Mesika, who is left holding the bag and fighting the indictment on his own — with the likelihood of his former partner testifying against him.

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